Principal’s Welcome Letter

Principal’s Welcome Letter


Dear Al Itqan American School Family,
I am pleased to welcome all members of Al Itqan American School community. As we embark on this journey of learning and growth, I am eager to share our school’s vision, mission, and the key elements that guide our approach.
Our Vision:Empower learners to become innovators.
We at Al Itqan American School envision learners as empowered innovators, committed to providing an educational experience fostering creativity, critical thinking, and a lifelong passion for learning. Together, we inspire students to shape their success and contribute meaningfully to the world.
Our Mission:Design a thriving community where every learner succeeds.
Our mission is to build a thriving learning environment, emphasizing community strength, support, and success. Through collaboration and shared values, we aim to create a diverse and resilient community that ensures every learner reaches their full potential.
Strategic Pillars:
In our pursuit of fulfilling our vision and mission, we have identified key pillars that shape our educational approach:

    • Bridging the gaps in academic achievements: Committed to closing academic gaps, we ensure no learner is left behind. Our dedication to excellence supports each student in reaching their academic potential.
    • Cultivating research capacity: Cultivating a culture of research and inquiry is vital for nurturing critical thinking. We aim to instil curiosity and exploration, equipping learners with the tools to question, analyze, and innovate.
    • Learning success: Success goes beyond grades; it encompasses overall learner development. We’re committed to fostering an environment that promotes intellectual, emotional, and social growth, preparing students for success beyond the classroom.
    • Transformative curriculum: Our dynamic curriculum adapts to learners’ evolving needs, going beyond traditional boundaries to prepare students for future challenges.
    • Leading-edge instruction: Our committed educators use the latest best practices and innovative methods, aiming to inspire a love for learning in every student.
    • Commitment to whole child development: We prioritize developing the whole child, focusing on academic, social, emotional, and physical well-being to equip students for successful life navigation.
    • Optimizing time, people, space, and other resources: We’re committed to optimizing time, people, space, and resources for maximum learning opportunities, recognizing the importance of efficient resource use for success.
    • Engaging families and communities: Education is a partnership among students, educators, families, and communities. We actively involve parents and community members in our students’ educational journey, acknowledging the collective impact on their success.

Join us in shaping Al Itqan American School’s future! Let’s create an innovative, diverse, and success-driven environment.
I eagerly anticipate a future filled with shared accomplishments, growth, and learning.

Warm regards,
Abdulbaqi Al Ali Al Ahmad
School Principal

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