Besides side stepping construction as physical changes occur in and around school buildings, it is also necessary for students to become involved by learning why greening their lives is important and what they can do at school and at home. Integrating environmental education into a school’s curricula and classroom reinforces the concepts behind greening a facility and engages students in the process. Our nation’s future relies on a well-educated public to be conscious of the very environment that sustains us, our families, and future generations. Yet studies consistently reveal that the U.A.E. public suffers from a tremendous environmental literacy gap that is increasing rather than decreasing. People and nations around the world are more rapidly incorporating green into their lives; we need to match their efforts through education and knowledge to ensure that future generations will continue to make our environment more sustainable. By introducing conservation practices into your classroom alongside other greening efforts your school is undergoing, you can easily turn these examples into cross-curricular learning experiences for your students. Within this educators’ network, you have a chance to explore lesson plans and other educational resources and opportunities.

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